Na Galeria Padaria Águas Furtadas (+351 925775475), na Pop-Up Gallery Cor Própria (CC Bombarda, Loja 15) e na Loja Almada 13 (223 216 002), o horário é o seguinte - segunda a sábado das 10:00h às 19:00h e domingo das 11:00h às 19:00h (domingo apenas a Padaria está aberta). Contamos contigo?


Sustainability is very important to us and is reflected in our products: stationery made from recycled paper (which is simply nicer anyway, isn‘t it?), organic cotton baby swaddles and BPA-free bamboo tableware. nuukk products should not be just disposable products, but rather offer an added value: Our porcelain stickers e.g. are perfect for upcycling vintage china. In addition, nuukk cooperates with a shel- tered workshop which offers possibilities of education and employment for handicapped people.